I’m passionate about healing emotion, mind, and spirit holistically.

During a sabbatical in my corporate career, I was surprised by unexpected sharing by ex-colleagues and friends of their life struggles over a meal or coffee. When empathic listening and questions brought them to tears in restaurants and cafes, I knew I was on to something. I discovered my passion as a counsellor. Finally, after 30 years of corporate experience, I left in 2015 to answer God’s persistent call to the helping profession.

When working with a client during her most challenging time of going through a divorce, she reconnected to her faith tradition and unearthed her strength and wisdom. She emerged feeling clear about her identity and capabilities.  Her transformation was profound and life-giving experience. This paved the way to pursue my interest in psycho-spirituality with a Jesuit univerisity.

I support individuals struggling with grief, anxiety, and depression and on a journey to wholeness and freedom. Theydiscover their ability to turn stumbling blocks in life into stepping stones.

I have been trained and conferred with 

  • Master of Arts in Christian Spirituality: Spiritual Direction from Loyola University Chicago
  • Master of Social Science (Counselling) from the University of South Australia
  •  Bachelor of Science (Economics), Second Class Honors (Upper Division) from the University of London


I am a member of

  • Golden Key International Honour Society
  • Association of Psychotherapy and Counselling Singapore (APACS) 
  • National Guild of Hypnosis

I have also completed Level 1 & 2 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. She is also a certified Prepare & Enrich facilitator for premarital couples and married couples.

Kelly Tan

Psychotherapist / Counsellor

Spiritual Coach

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burnout · drepress · anxious · lost · rage · stress · drag yourself to work · listless · worthless · meaningless

These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them. Rumi

Living can be easy

Take Care of your Emotion, Mind and Spirit



Journey with you during the challenging times of your life and heal past traumas and false beliefs that hold your back in life



Know Thyself

Together we embark a journey to unearth your innate talents, strengths and life purpose.


Spiritual Coaching

Support you to strength inner being through discerning the movements of God’s Spirit in your life.

heal - Psychotherapy

Journeying with you through your ...

Anger Management

Low Self Esteem & Self-Doubt

Depression & Anxiety

Fear & Phobia

Addiction (including smoking cessation)

Grief Management

Family Violence

Couple & Marital Issues

Pre-Marital Assessment & Facilitation

Spiritual Counseling

"Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways"

Sigmund Freud

During the Session

From Darkness to Light

From Woundedness to Wholeness

emotional turmoil · psychological burden · mental stress · relationship conflict · misunderstanding · loneliness · depression · anxiety · work pressure · pains · grief · probia · addiction

Living can be easy

You are not alone. I am here to offer support. Therapy is a process of growth and self-discovery. Whether you are going through anxiety and depression, a difficult relationship, or trying to overcome an addiction, I have the tools and professional experience to help you move ahead in life. 

During therapy sessions, I promote self-awareness and behavioral transformation by using suitable therapeutic techniques and modalities, including counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and guided meditation, to uncover the root causes and to gain clarity and control. I accompany you as you walk out of darkness into the light. 

It is an understatement to say that it is heart-warming to see the breakthrough of my clients, who become stronger and are filled with peace, strength, and freedom. The joy is priceless. 

“Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.”

Mark Amend


Life challenges and transitions can pose an opportunity for growth.

You have the qualities, values and resources within you to overcome these challenges and emerge stronger, wiser and triumphant.

Challenges provide opportunities to draw from our intrinsic qualities, values and resources, be it courage, wisdom, patience, love, resilience...

The discovery of our inherent capability empowers and equips us to cope with the crisis more confidently in the future.

Unearthing our inner resources transcends us from our helplessness to a living hope, from woundedness to wholeness and freedom.

We are on our journey home - home to be who we are called to be, with ourselves and with others, home to freedom and authenticity.

Let’s journey home together.


Who Am I?

Restore to Wholeness

My Identity, Negotiable?

A duck does not climb a tree to join the monkey; nor a fish live out of water.

Each of these creatures honour how they are created by living out their gifts.

Similarly, each human being is uniquely created with a set of personalities, temperament, and talents to serve the community and world. Why live in the identity of someone else? Living a life not true to our personalities and talents is like swimming upstream ending in exhaustion and compromising our true self.

Living can be joyful

For to all those who have (used their talents), more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away. (Mt 25:29)

Some are meant to lead, and others are meant to follow; 

Some must always strain, and others have an easy time; 

Some are naturally big and strong, and others will always be small; 

Some will be protected and nurtured; and others will meet with destruction. 

The master accepts things as they are, and out of compassion avoids extravagance, access and the extremes.

Laozi, Daodejing, 29 


Heaven has created us with talents and ways to use them,

Wealth lost, will be regained.

Extract from poem,将进酒 Invitation to Wine

by famous poet Li Bai ( 701 - 762CE )

Life can only be understood backwards; But it must be lived forwards.

Soren Kierkegaard

During the Session

We unravel the mystery of your individuality by retracking your footprints, personalities test, psychotherapy works to tap into the wealth of distinctions and talents in your subconsciousness.

The support you will receive

Unearth the passion buried within you.

Knowing your personalities

Discover your talents, strengths and life-draining tasks

Rediscover your dream.

Find deeper meaning and purpose in life


What is Spiritual Coaching*?

* “Spiritual coaching” is prefered over “spiritual direction”. The Holy Spirit is the ultimate spiritual director. As the practice has been known as spiritual direction for centuries, both references shall be used interchangeably on this website.   

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life demands · deadlines ·

worldly values · temptations

Living can be beautiful

“.. our heart is restless until it rests in you.” the timeless advice Saint Augustine

Your exterior life is a mirror of your interior life.

Nourish our interior life

A spiritual coach* listens, guides, encourages and supports your spiritual growth in a safe, nonjudgmental, and sacred space. Spiritual coaching aims to nurture our inner beings to connect with the divine and grow in holiness and intimacy with God. These sessions help to increase self-awareness and discern the movements of the Holy Spirit in all areas of one’s life so that one can appropriately respond to an authentic life with greater freedom. 

Spiritual coaching is not limited to Christians. Growing up in Singapore, a melting pot of cultures, I learn to respect and appreciate the beauty of different faith traditions. I am drawn to the philosophies of Daoism, the wisdom in Daodejing, and the writing of Zhuangzi.

“A spiritual director is one who helps another to recognize and to follow the inspirations of grace in his life, in order to arrive at the end to which God is leading him.”

“ “The whole purpose of spiritual direction is to penetrate beneath the surface of a [person's] life, to get behind the facade of conventional gestures and attitudes which he presents to the world, and to bring out his inner spiritual freedom, his inmost truth, which is what we call the likeness of Christ in his soul.

Thomas Merton

What did the Papal Office say about Spiritual Coaching?

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“The ministers of the Gospel must be people who can warm the hearts of the people, who walk through the dark night with them, who know how to dialogue and to descend themselves into their people’s night, into the darkness, but without getting lost.”

Pope Francis

"For confession, I have to look at where I was lacking, where I lost patience, if I was greedy -- that kind of thing, those concrete things that are sinful. But in spiritual direction, I must examine what is happening in my heart, where the Spirit is moving, if I felt desolation or consolation, if I am tired, why I am sad: These are things to talk about with the man or woman who is my spiritual director." 

Pope Francis

“... the Church continues to recommend the practice of spiritual direction, not only to all those who wish to follow the Lord up close, but to every Christian who wishes to live responsibly his baptism, that is, the new life in Christ, ...”

“Everyone, in fact, and in a particular way all those who have received the divine call to a closer following, needs to be supported personally by a sure guide in doctrine and expert in the things of God.”

Pope Benedict

Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Matthew 6:33

During the Session

Trained as a spiritual coach in a Jesuit university and a parishioner in a Franciscan parish for more than 20 years, my faith journey has been enriched by both Franciscan and Ignatian spiritualities.  Over these years, I have learned to walk in darkness, empty out excess baggage, set my priorities right amid overwhelming work stress and responsibilities, and grow deeper in love with God. Paradoxically, I find greater freedom and peace within me when I surrender and follow the will of God. My faith experience equips me to serve Christ as I walk with others to grow in our relationship with God and find our way home.

The support you will receive

Develop daily practices to grow in mental and emotional health

Develop a balanced and integrated life

Overcome obstacles in meditation and prayers

Recognize the gentle inner voice amid the loud worldly noises.

Grow a deeper intimacy with the Divine.

Discern the will of God.

Gain clarity in understanding the movement of God’s Spirit and inner calling.

Find deeper meaning and purpose in life

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“Oh, if only I had a spiritual director from the beginning, then I would not have wasted so many of God’s graces."

“Oh, how great a grace it is to have a spiritual director! One makes more rapid progress in virtue, sees the will of God more clearly, fulfills it more faithfully, and follows a road that is sure and free of dangers. The director knows how to avoid the rocks against which the soul could be shattered. The Lord gave me this grace rather late, to be sure, but I rejoice in it greatly, seeing how God inclines Hill will to my director’s wishes.”

St Faustina

How it works

Individual spiritual direction begins with a prayer to invite the presence of the Holy Spirit, who is the ultimate spiritual director. The directee is then free to share what brings him or her to the session, explore God’s movement in their lives, and better understand how to make good decisions in line with God’s plan for them.

It usually involves one-on-one meeting in person or by Zoom once a month for an hour. However, this can be tailored to the needs of an individual. The period in-between meetings give the directees time to pray and reflect on the sharing during the meeting. 

Lorem ipsu dolor sit am adipi we help you ensure everyone.

Fee: US$70 per session.

If the fee poses a challenge, I am happy to discuss a sliding scale option or what is comfortable for you.

Online Session Available

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We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


What they say

After being diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer of the polyps in my colon, I tried my best to remain calm. I resisted the idea of surgery and chose to ‘wait and watch.' Whilst undergoing further tests for the development of cancer cells, I also searched for alternative treatments. In the midst of my family and friends praying for me, I underwent therapy with you


I believe that it is by the grace of God that you introduced to me hypnotherapy, which complemented my contemplative prayer practice of surrendering and letting go. Your hypnotherapy sessions heightened the subtle awakening of my subconscious and in turn promoted the whole process of healing at my emotional, spiritual and physical levels.


A medical check-up 1month after working with you revealed that the polyps in my colon had miraculously disappeared. I thank God for His grace and mercy to grant me a reprieve and I will gladly recommend such awakenings to anyone.


Thank you for your help, Kelly.

May the Grace of God be with you.


I was going through a season of loss and Kelly helped me gain self-awareness and come out of the depression. I felt comfortable and at ease with her psychotherapy approach. 


The immense peace and fulfilling sense of calm I experienced after the session, was wonderful. It gave me strength to cope. I felt calmer – the exercises helped me overcome loss anger and sleep better.


I found balance back in my life and have since returned to full time employment after 5 years. I found it easier to control my emotions especially anger and pride.   I stopped dwelling on my losses. I talked and whined less and rested more."

A Chan

"Kelly was the one accompanying us on our journey of healing at the beginning of our journey. She was patient and listened well and gave us good tips on how to progress in our healing journey. With her input we were able to continue on this journey, which did take some time. She also looked at each individuals psychological issues to help each to address and heal our own inner wounds and from that work on healing our relationship."

M & OG

Couple Counseling

"My journey with Kelly was empowering and healing. She has helped me untie knots stemming from my childhood. Her sessions were professionally done in confidence. I have tremendously benefited from it and have found peace within myself through this amazing therapy with her"

P E Tan


Appointment with Kelly




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